Environmentally Safe Cleaning

our cleaning solutions & tools
We strongly believe in preserving our planet and your health. By using non-toxic "green" cleaning solutions, everyone's a winner. You, the client, benefit from a safe home environment that is free of fumes and safe for children, pets, allergy sufferers and the chemically sensitive. Our environment benefits by having less pollutants in our air, soil, and water as well as less pollutants in our landfills. We, the cleaners, benefit from a healthier work environment without having to breath noxious fumes and handle toxic products.

What our cleaning solutions DO NOT contain:
Most of our solutions contain no phosphates, alkalines, acids, ammonia, butyl ethers, caustics, glycol ethers, chlorine bleach, dyes, or artificial fragrances. Our solutions generally do not irritate the skin and do not emit noxious fumes.

What our cleaning solutions DO contain:
Our solutions are made up of ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, olive oil, as well as organic and naturally occurring minerals and biodegradable surfactants.

What else we use:
We only use "best-in-class" cleaning products and tools. Our award winning vacuums are triple filtered HEPA Certified and have completely sealed canister containers. Our dusters are made of high quality 100% Ostrich Feathers. Our soft cleaning cloths are made of 100% cotton. Our furniture polish is 100% lemon oil. Our paper towels are the best in the industry. Best of all, we bring all our own products and tools, so you won't have to worry about buying extra cleaning products or vacuum bags for our visits.